Reviews of Integrated HTML and CSS: A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn

Five stars at Amazon

A review at gave the book five stars, and said, “There are many books out there that teach HTML, and many that teach CSS, but no other that I have found that combine HTML and CSS, or that clearly explains both the theory and techniques of modern web design in language that beginners can understand. It's truly a hands on book, a combination of guide, tutorial and reference, targeted to beginner and intermediate web designers, that carefully and clearly guides readers through the process of planning and building universally accessible websites that conform to web standards. … Where other books are dry, complicated, and often esoteric, this book is focused on plain and simple answers with which even the newest beginners can build standards based sites. It makes learning fun and is focused on real world issues.”

Webreference review

Lee Underwood, writing at, said, “The book flows very smoothly, beginning with basic techniques and slowly progressing to more complex coding. Not a lot of time is spent on background or theory. By Chapter 3 the student is already building his/her first Web page, complete with CSS. This is the type of book for someone who wants to learn how to create Web pages without having to read through a lot of theory. While there is more to designing Web pages than just putting code onto a page, students are encouraged if they can begin to apply their newfound knowledge right away. If you're looking to get started designing Web pages, start with this book. It will quickly put you on the right track.”

River Tyde

The blog at River Tyde said, “I looked at a lot of HTML/CSS books at work and I think this is the best one for someone who has a clue but is still a beginner.”

Backup Brain

Dori Smith, writing on her blog Backup Brain, said the book was one of several she most enjoyed reading this year. She also said, “This book was a fascinating exercise for me, because I learned HTML and then CSS a long time ago, but separated by years in between. Reading a book that describes learning them together makes so much more sense than the way I had to do it that I envy people who are just starting out now.”

Praise from Readers

Joe, a technical trainer at a state agency, wrote, “I purchased your book a week ago, but have just had time to sit down and begin reading it. My only regret is that I did not purchase this book months ago. It is BY FAR the best explanation of CSS I have ever been given. Most of my knowledge is patch worked, with a lot of gaps. … Every thing you have in your book brings it together and helps to shed new light on its use. … Your concise and linear manner is perfect. I am a technical trainer at a state agency. I am not in our web design department, but still work closely with them to help maintain parts of our website. They are the ones that got me started on CSS; you are the first person to really explain it to me. … I never felt an adequate grasp on CSS – until now.”