Jezebel made a name for herself in 800 B.C. as Queen of Israel. For the nearly 3000 years since her life ended, her name has been a condemnation and rebuke. I intend to take a look at why that happened, and I hope to convince you to look at Jezebel's reputation from a new point of view. 

"Everything is politics," according to Gloria Steinem. We will take a look at the political climate in 800 B.C. and judge those events afresh in today's political climate. 

I'm not a Bible scholar. I'm not trying to start an argument for or against anyone's religious beliefs. I'm a woman of these times, a techno-geek who admits a feminist bent. I want to look at the life of this woman from the past because I think she was strong and admirable. 

If opinionated women who quote Gloria Steinem make you mad, then this site isn't for you. If you're curious and willing to consider Jezebel's story with me, come in.