Goddess Revival

Women have turned to the feminine in their search for spiritual meaning in the last few years. There are dozens of books describing the qualities and characteristics of the goddesses and the goddess archetypes. Women identify with a particular goddess, a particular archtype. I don't mean the anti-feminine Greek and Roman goddesses you learned about in school. The goddesses rediscovered recently come from everywhere: India, Ireland, Africa, Native America, the Eskimo and many other places.

Paganism, the religion of Jezebel, includes goddess worship. Paganism has burst from hiding and offered a way of being in the world that is more in tune with nature and with what women feel to be "true for them." Influential women such as writer/activist Alice Walker proudly declare themselves to be Pagan. Increasingly, pagan reverence for the earth and nature has been held up as a beacon lighting the path to survival on our injured planet.

If for no other reason than goddess-centered thinking, it's time to look at Jezebel and revise our language when we speak of her.