Original art by Christina Lopp

Original art by Christina Lopp, created during the Phoebe Snow concert at the Catalyst in September 1998. Phoebe autographed it on the left.

Phoebe Snow Has Died

April 26, 2011

From NPR.org:

"Phoebe Snow, a singer, guitarist and songwriter whose song Poetry Man was a defining hit of the 1970s, has died," The Associated Press reports.

According to the wire service, "Rick Miramontez, her longtime friend and public relations representative, says Snow died Tuesday morning. He says she died of complications from a brain hemorrhage she suffered in January 2010."

Phoebe was 60.

Some of the news reports on her death:

I'm putting some comments from readers on the News page.

Phoebe on YouTube

There are plenty of videos of Phoebe on YouTube. Here's a favorite of mine.