A Chat with Phoebe:
The Condensed Version

This information is distilled from things Phoebe said in an on-line chat with Sonny Schwartz on Dateline: Atlantic City on 2/4/98. This is not a complete transcript. The transcript is at Dateline: Atlantic City.

"My favorite part of performing is interacting with the audience."

Phoebe says, "The hardest part (of performing) for me is the traveling. I'm not a good traveler. The waiting around in airports and car rental places. My daughter is 22. It's difficult for her to travel with me. I want to work more. Let's pray she can be with me. The performing is the easiest part. I love doing that. My favorite part of performing is interacting with the audience. I like the challenge of getting the audience with me. I change my act for different folks in very subtle ways. Creativity is change. You have to change. Not just for the audience. But to keep things fresh.

"(The Feb. 98 release CD is my first album in 8 years. As you see,) I've come full circle. I'm back to my blues and folk roots. I had some creative input in this album. I was part of the production process. I'm thrilled to say I've been writing songs for the past two years. None are on this record. I saved them for the next album. Hopefully very soon.

"I always hear a song and think of doing it differently. I thought what a hell of a nerve I had doing Piece of My Heart. Jerry Ragovoy who wrote it - he wrote me a letter saying he loved it.

"I'm reading books about science and medicine and science fiction."

"I wanted to be a guitar player. I used to. I wanted to be only a guitar player. That was my goal. I can't even believe that I'm a singer now. Life is what happens while you make other plans. I'm very interested in health care and medicine. (If I weren't a singer,) I'd want to do something in that or medical research. It's a big passion of mine. I'm reading...believe it or not ... books about science and medicine and science fiction...the Mia Farrow autobiography is what I'm reading now.

"I sing opera in Italian."

"I've been to several people over the years for voice lessons. I don't have a formula for finding a good voice teacher. Go to someone who inspires you. There's nothing wrong with training your voice. All professionals should do it. I sing opera in Italian. And I'm going to learn some German this year.

"Influences: Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Mississippi John Hurt...there are too many to name...James Cleveland choir, Sam Cooke...Jackie Wilson, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell... My favorite song to listen to...Aretha Franklin, Giving Him Something He Can Feel on the soundtrack of Sparkle. Anything from Amazing Grace album. I can listen to her sing forever. Van Morrison singing Tupelow Honey. Robert Grant. My favorite guitar blues -- anything that Eric Clapton did when he was with Cream. Jimmy Page. Crossroads by Robert Johnson."