Bergen Community College Concert Review

written by Faye

(This review arrived as a Holiday Greeting note in December 1999.)

When last I "talked" to you, almost a year ago, I had been hoping to go to hear Phoebe Snow sing. And I did do just that - flew from Newfoundland to Newark NJ and saw/heard her in concert at the Bergen Community College in New Jersey!

I was just sending a Christmas card to a woman at the college who saved me a third row centre seat in the sold-out 300 seat theatre where Phoebe was playing because I was travelling such a distance. Who would have expected such hospitality?

I really had a great time and thought that I would try to send you a review of the concert when Igot back. But I found I could not even begin to do it. Of course it was great. There was not anyone else I wanted to hear sing as much as I did her.

But that wasn't really the highlight (!) it was just getting to see what she was like - funny, down-to-earth, witty ... someone I would like even if she couldn't sing... that was great.

I even got to meet her after the concert and talk for a bit (Phoebe: "They told me someone was coming all the way from Newfoundland. You didn't come just to hear me?" Faye: "Yes, it's kinna silly"] God, did I really say that! Ya gotta laugh. But of course I had! Good grief! It was a huge gift to myself!

I learned a lot of interesting things during the concert. Did you know that that highly distinctive first note at the beginning of the song "Work Out" (I think that's the title - I'd check but it's out in the car) on I Can't Complain is her daughter's voice, the only sound she makes? Amazing.

I wanted to thank you for having the first and best Phoebe page, and for getting me on the right track to concert sites.

Best Christmas wishes to you and yours,