Natural Wonder

Natural WondersThis album contains10 new Phoebe Snow compositions. Here is the list of tracks:

  1. How Beautiful
  2. Changed
  3. Natural Wonder
  4. Ever Surprised
  5. Sahara
  6. Other Girlfriend
  7. Key to the Street
  8. Lightning Crashes (cover)
  9. Baby, I Need Your Loving (cover)
  10. Going Home
  11. Below the Borderline
  12. Above the Band


These are absolutely great songs. The album is definitely in the rock or R & B category, with electric guitars and heavy drum lines on most of the songs. The music feels very personal and autobiographical, but it is universal as well. "Above the Band" could be Phoebe's life story, but at the same time it is a list of rules for aspiring singers (or teachers, or writers or anyone) that could be sung by anyone and still be meaningful. The songs are full of joy and spirit and the wonder of life, especially "Sahara," "Ever Surprised," "Lightning Crashes" and "Going Home."

That Natural Wonder known as the voice of Phoebe Snow is still strong and capable of stunning, octave-spanning flights. But the real story about this album is the outstanding songwriting and the 10 wonderful Phoebe Snow songs that are now loose in the universe, spreading inspiration.

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