CBS Morning Show Review

for April 18, 1998

Written by Sheela

Quite by accident I caught the end of "The Phoebes" (as I call her) on a CBS morning show today around 10:20 a.m. (Channel 2 here in New York.) She was accompanied by two older guys on acoustic guitars and she stood proudly between them, that incredible voice reaching the rafters.

I have her latest album, "I Can't Complain" (plus everything she's ever produced) and I missed the intro -- but did not recognize the piece. The interviewer commented that her voice was unmistakable in all the commercials she'd done and asked her to throw out some examples. She did Stouffers and Carnival (I think).

She was interviewed (standing) after the set and reported she was writing again and would be touring this summer. When asked why she'd been "blocked" she replied that if she knew the answer to that, "I wouldn't have been blocked."

Answering his questions and acknowledging his observations, she kept replying "Totally!". As they faded out, the host said "You like that word 'totally'" and I heard her ask, "How many times did I say it?" So sweet.

Hope this adds to the continuing thirst for Phoebe Happenings.

Brian's review of a May 10, 1998 show

I caught her show last night at the Town Crier in Pawling, NY. It was great! She sang a lot of her new material and some of her old classics including (of course) "Poetry Man" and surprisingly, one of my favorites, "Two Fisted Love", which she said she hadn't performed in 20 years! She even threw in a gospel number and then ended the show with a touching rendition of "Never Never Land" from Peter Pan, a lovely tribute to her daughter Valerie. Her voice was in top form and she was surprisingly silly and funny. I am so glad I caught this wonderful lady perform! I now must rush out to get her new album. Phoebe Snow said before performing "Take a Little Piece of My Heart" that she must be crazy for remaking this tune...not by a long shot! She brought the house down!!! Thanks Phoebe and thank you (again) for this wonderful site!